Need For Speed Games

Need For Speed Games

Need for Speed games are based on an authentic urban car culture. They focus on the player’s car, as they compete with each other for respect, and must avoid corrupt police task forces. There are many ways to play these games, so the choice is yours. Here are some tips on what you can expect from each. Listed below are some of the best titles. You can also find them on iOS and Android. All of them have similar gameplay, but they differ in their mechanics.

The first Need for Speed game, Hot Pursuit, introduced realistic damage to cars. Although it didn’t follow the Faster than Light gameplay, it was a surprisingly good game. The most popular Need for Speed game of all time, Hot Pursuit is one of the best-reviewed Need for Speed games. Unlike its predecessor, this game also featured real-world tracks. However, it failed to take off and never got a sequel.

The second Need for Speed game was a reboot developed by Ghost Games. Although it was met with mixed reviews, it did prove to be a good game showcasing the graphical abilities of Frostbite. The game’s campaign is also straightforward, but it can still spark more longevity in the backlog. If you’re looking for an adventure-style Need for Speed game, you’ll want to check out Underground 2.






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